President’s Message

Uos President Dr. Kosar

President’s Message

Kosar Mohammed Ali

University President

Welcome to the University of Sulaimani website. I invite you to explore the website to learn more about our amazing university, its history, our academic programmes, events, and much more.

I firmly believe that investment in education guarantees a prosperous and sustainable future; we have made this a guiding principle at our university. Through providing equitable access to quality education, our university inspires as well as enables our students to develop strong leadership skills and become agents of positive change. Furthermore, the wide range of academic programmes we offer prepare students for the competitive job market.

We constantly work towards creating a learning environment that empowers students to improve their creative capacity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and cultivate a life-long love for knowledge and learning. This builds towards the students’ sense of accomplishment and makes them fully prepared for the challenges they encounter in the real world as they advance in their future careers.

The University of Sulaimani has partnered with local institutions, public and private organisations, and businesses to create research opportunities, jobs as well as expertise that are required for the country’s economic growth and strength of infrastructure.

We have also built sustainable relationships with international universities and institutions around the world in order to promote academic excellence, innovative research methodologies, and cultural exchange.

To address challenges and sustain good educational practice, we will continue to design new and innovative curricula, develop best teaching practices, and conduct cutting-edge research that can respond to the needs of today’s fast-changing world and keep up with the aspirations of our youths. Gladly, we have a dedicated team of faculty, staff, and students who continually work towards achieving these goals.

Last but not least, I would like to encourage alumni, students, and faculty to become more engaged and support our university's vision, mission, values, and priorities. I also encourage people to visit our campuses and learn more about the opportunities and services our university offers.